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Should I Buy or Build an App for my Business?

Nowadays, Apps are trending everywhere, and are widely integrated into almost every business and organization. Building an app for your start-up is the standard way to get started on a new project, even though it requires a considerable amount of time and effort. You should consider all factors when making your build-or-buy decision. In this article, we will address several elements to consider before you make up your mind.

First, start by considering why your business needs an app. Is it necessary for the company to function? Will it improve your team productivity? Do you need it to take your business to the next level?

Once you already determined that the App is crucial for your business growth, should you buy or build the App? When our clients reach out to us, we help them answer these next main questions prior to any engagement. These points help them decide on the buy vs. build choice.

Being aware of how much an app cost is essential to narrow down whether you will build or buy an app. An app can cost thousands of dollars, even reach hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. Additional features like accessibility options, API integration, and back-end services can only raise the cost. Ask for a quote from app developing agencies and freelancers. A break-down of the cost can also help explore your options and choose what is suitable and convenient for your requirements.

Native Vs. Hybrid Vs. Web
Having a clear vision of the app’s purpose is crucial in deciding whether you want to opt for native, hybrid, or web apps. This decision will impact the cost and the user experience of the project.
A web app runs on browsers and can not be downloaded on mobile phones like native or hybrid apps. Yet, they are a popular choice due to their cost-efficiency.
Native apps have the advantage of being sophisticated, faster, and accessible at your fingertips through smartphones. They can use native features of mobile phones like camera, contacts, etc. and synchronize it.
As the name suggests, the hybrid app is a combination of both native and web apps as it is downloadable on mobiles yet functions as well in an embedded browser.

Will your product need updates?
Most apps need regular maintenance and updates on bugs. This is a task for an expert since it requires a higher set of skills to manage. If you build the app yourself, maintaining it will be an additional chore. Otherwise, you will need to hire someone to fix back-end issues and bugs. Buying an app from a software development company will give you easier access to an expert who can manage fixing bugs or issues at reasonable notice.

Making the buying vs. building decision easier
You can now proceed with more clarity to the next step of buying or building an app. Whether you run an established business or a start-up, an app will be of great importance. If the app has basic features that require little to no maintenance, it would be wiser to build it yourself. Get help from team members who have basic knowledge of building apps, testing bugs, etc. But, keep in mind that developing an app is not as simple as it may look. It requires a lot of research and fundamental design, developing, and testing knowledge.

So, buying an app can be costly, but it’s more efficient as it will take less time and be more successful than building an app on your own. Do you want to use the app for a service, a business, or just buy it as an investment? If so, we consider purchasing an app from expert developers as a smarter choice.

There are some ‘hidden’ or additional value-added costs that you may not have considered while deciding on the budget. These costs include functional, administrative, infrastructure, maintenance, and IT support services. If you want to integrate additional features, such as SMS or push notifications, you will have to pay extra fees as third-party providers supply them. Similarly, maintenance of the content, dashboard, fixing bugs, etc., will require an additional ongoing cost.

Your vision of your business future narrows down the decision to buy or build an app. Building an app is comparatively affordable, but it requires high-level knowledge of coding and app development. Purchasing an app from seasoned software developers or companies, on the other hand, is good value for money. It will look professional, and you won’t have extra details to worry about. It is crucial to consider the audience and users’ ease when using the app. You want to make their lives easier. As for hidden costs, considering them will help you closely manage the cost.

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