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📸 I re-created an analog camera in HTML & CSS

I made another camera in CSS, this time I went for the Sardina (from Lomography). The code can be viewed on CodePen, and I also have a GitHub repo where I collect all the CSS drawings I make.

I had a lot of fun making this one (and even live streamed my process 🙌), and am trying to create one of those a week. Feel free to send me suggestions if there's something you think I should try to recreate, or follow my Twitch to be notified next time I live-code 🤩

I especially enjoyed creating the flash, viewfinder and lens. Glass reflections can be time-consuming because they require a lot of gradients on top of gradients, but the result is also incredibly rewarding.

Also for reference, this was the picture I started from:
Sardina camera

And if you're having trouble viewing the pen, here's the end result:
Sardina camera in CSS

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Michael Tharrington

This is awesome!

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Thank you!