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5 Things That Will Make Your Dream Come True

We are so lucky we live in a time of opportunity.

We have a multitude of options available to us. The question is, why so many of us are stressed and live unfulfilled in life?

We supposed to have everything we want.

Unfortunately, we are trying to do everything at once, because there are many open options what to do, but in this way, we are burning ourselves out. We fail, give up, and do not try over and over again.

We’re unable to persevere.

🎯 Focus and routine

The secret to your dream fulfillment is, concentrate on pursuing your dreamβ€”focus on one thing!

Your dream is the situation you wanted to happen in your life.

For that, you should be ready to sacrifice your comfort zone, even painfully transform your habits if it's necessary, and whatever you have to do, you do for it without a compromise.

Despite that, focus your mind on your dream and remove all the other things that take over your mind.

Start adding things to your daily schedule that can help you get closer to your dream.

And here are the useful points which in the long run will help you to stay focused on your dream:

πŸ’­ Think of the big picture

If we want to get anywhere in life, we will have to struggle. Fulfilling your dream will require hard work and plenty of perseverance.

There will be setbacks and hardships on the way, but you should keep thinking of the big picture.

No matter what your dream is, there going to be some part of it that you’ll find mundane and struggle to focus on.

In these moments, you should remember that you are doing this all to contribute to that big picture.

Enjoy the process. You cannot fulfill your dream by skipping the parts you don’t like. You need to bear down and get on with it.

🌱 Get into the right daily routine

It's incredibly challenging to get out of something that once becomes a habit for you.

And a daily routine is a powerful weapon in determining your focus level. Because it begins to revolve around your long-term goal.

The correctly organized daily routine includes everything you need to do to stay focused on your dream and keep progressing every day.

Without this consistency, the progression may become very difficult if you will not be putting in enough practice in what's needed.

Write down your daily routine, and slowly incorporate what is important, one thing at a time. Because starting with doing all at once can make things harder for you to stick to, months down the line.

πŸ“† Plan first what is important

Identify which big task is the most important and will yield the most significant result and progression towards your dreams.

Next, divide it into smaller tasks that will be the easiest to do, because they are quick and straightforward. Moreover, they will give you that same satisfaction of completion that a big task does, but quicker and more often.

Subconsciously, it will make you think that you are progressing more quickly, because of completing more tasks within a specific time frame.

I called it the lazy way of doing things and is something that many people fall down on.

Plan out your workload, work on what is essential first.

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Learn when to use "No"

Observing successful people or people who are fulfilling their dream on the way, the word "No" is something that they know when and how to use.

They have the discipline to say "No," when people ask them to hang out, for example.

They value their time first. They focus on what they need to get done first. They are not a setback in the quest to live their dream. They teach themselves the discipline of telling yourself and others 'No,' in order to progress quickly towards their dream, and not get sidetracked by distractions.


I know you have probably been working so hard for such a long time toward your dream.

Possibly with not many results coming your way, but there are some, I am sure.

You may have forgotten entirely the exact reason that made you start in the first place. Because when you first set out to do something, your dream and reasons behind it are fresh in your memory. They are so clear to you.

Whenever you struggle to focus on the things that have to get done at hand, go back to your dream. Dream it and dream it again.

It is your motivation, your purpose, and it is why you are doing what you are doing right now.

Finishing is hard, but you can learn how to do it.

Make your best life,

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jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Fayard

That's a good list.
Something is missing IMHO.
If I have big dreams (the answer being yes), am I likely to be able on my own to figure it all out myself (the answer being no). So how can I connect with people around me (the web is not the answer to everything) that could provide me guidance?

ilonacodes profile image
Ilona Codes

Thank you for your question! I totally understand what you mean under "connect with people around me that could provide me guidance." You should network with other people in real life.

I guess you will find the ways how to do it in my networking cheat sheet: πŸ™‚

vaibhavkhulbe profile image
Vaibhav Khulbe • Edited

Learn when to use "No"

This is really important in today's world. I know I lack here but I'm definitely gonna improve on this. Good list! You've covered important points.

ilonacodes profile image
Ilona Codes

You are welcome πŸ™‚ I am happy you like it!

emrerothzerg profile image
Emre Rothzerg

That's a great list!

ilonacodes profile image
Ilona Codes

Thank you! πŸ™

csharplove profile image

Great post ,I’m so inspired with your article so motivated ..

Everybody have a dream and sometimes it’s feel like it never will come true but staying positive and not being distracted and not giving up that the only way to achieve our goals....

Learn to say β€œNO” & β€œDISCIPLINE