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Francesca Ansell

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Introduction #2

Hi everyone my name is Francesca and I am a student at penn state. This year I will be graduating with a major in Human Centered Design and Development with a minor in Health Policy Administration. Between both the classroom and an internship at Merck I have gained experience in Front End Development, User Experience, User Interface Design, and Project Management. This summer in my role at Merck I learned to communicate effectivity between IT and the Business. I used my problem-solving skills to organize information, streamline workflows and increased productivity. My greatest goal is to make an impact on the healthcare system by applying an exceptional user experience to consumer engagement. I have experience in front end development from multiple classes, but still have lots to learn.

I want to get involved in front end development because I enjoy problem solving and creating highly versatile and enjoyable interfaces. Web development is necessary in every industry which gives me a multitude of future career paths. Web development makes me excited and ignites a passion in me that networking and hardware does not. I specifically enjoy languages like HTML, CSS, and javascript. Front end development allows me to use my design and user experience skills along with my coding skills. From this class I want to strengthen my javascript skills and be able to truly unpack concepts that I only understand on the surface level. I decided to take IST 402 again after really enjoying the last 3 weeks of last semesters IST 402 class.

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