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VS Code : Productivity

Being productive with VS Code will help you focus solely on your code & speed up some time-consuming chores. All you need to do to get started being productive is learn a few keyboard shortcuts and install a few extensions. These extensions will help you dramatically increase your productivity while coding.
So, here are some VS Code tricks that I use on a daily basis to boost my overall productivity.

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1. DevDocs Tab

dev docs vscode extension tab workspace

DevDocs is an open source online software that aggregates documentation for a variety of developer tools into a single searchable interface.
DevDocs has been extensively optimized for mobile devices and is extremely responsive & can be installed to your computer. It gives you easy access to the reference manuals for "almost every language and framework/library". It displays all of the APIs for a certain language, as well as their official documentation 😱. You can open your DevDocs Tab right in your VS Code Workspace...

2. Pomodoro Timer

pomodoro technique timer extension vscode
The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that encourages people to work with rather than against the time they have. Using this method, you divide your workday into 25-minute increments separated by five-minute intervals, rinse and repeat, and then take a lengthier break. This provides your brain with small boosts during each sprint of heavy activity. You can use this extension to add a timer to your taskbar.

3. Code Time

code time vscode extension
Code Time is an open source plugin for Visual Studio Code that automates programming metrics and time tracking. Over 200,000 developers who use Code Time are able to "reclaim time for uninterrupted, focused development." It helps you stay in flow while preserving a lot of crucial programming time.
When you're in flow, "Automatic Flow Mode" identifies it and automatically mutes distractions and prevents interruptions. It's a fun productivity hack for productivity enthusiasts like myself 😏.

4. AI Assistants

  • Github Co-Pilot
    github copilot vscode extension ai
    GitHub Copilot is an AI pair programmer that assists you in writing code more quickly and efficiently. GitHub Copilot extracts context from comments and code and rapidly suggests individual lines and entire routines. OpenAI Codex, a new AI system developed by OpenAI, powers GitHub Copilot. The tool can understand both programming and human languages. The GitHub Copilot technical preview is now available as a Visual Studio Code extension. It is astonishingly powerful !.

  • Kite Co-Pilot
    kite copilot vscode extension ai pair programmer python
    Kite is an artificial intelligence-powered programming helper that helps you write code quicker in Visual Studio Code. Kite makes it easier to write code by saving keystrokes and displaying the relevant information at the right moment. It is very quick and integrates well with many IDEs apart from VS Code.

  • Tab Nine
    tab nine auto complete code vscode extension
    This is another tool which is similar to Kite. Both tools are superior to their predecessors in terms of code completion. They all need to use a large amount of memory, and Tab Nine uses almost twice as much memory as Kite.

  • VS Code Intellicode
    visual studio code intellicode extension
    The Visual Studio IntelliCode plugin in VS Code provides AI-assisted development tools for Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Java developers, including insights based on understanding your code context and machine learning. Built by the developers of VS Code for VS Code (Microsoft).


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Any more productivity centered Extensions ?

Drop a suggestion in the Comments section 👇...

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andersbjorkland profile image
Anders Björkland

I haven't heard of (or rather not looked that hard after) Code Time. I had seen WakaTime being used a lot, and as I were jumping between PhpStorm and VSCode this could track my activity in either. But I haven't heard of any "flowmode" for it. Overall, I like Waka but don't know if flowmode is enough for me to switch to Code Time.

Other tools I like is any intellisense plugins for your chosen language. Being a PHP developer I quite like Intelliphense - this is just as useful as Copilot is to me right now.

free_one profile image

the great thing about these copilots is that you can have more than one at a time. I get GitHub copilot suggestions as well as Kite suggestions while I'm coding. They usually suggest as though they are reading my mind constantly.

free_one profile image

great suggestion 👍

raivikas profile image

Well the articles was good, but here I have mentioned some VScode shortcuts and some best Vscode ectension which will help everyone to boost their production.

I personally use them and they are quite useful.

I insist to atleast check it once.Thank You.

  1. Vscode shortcuts

  2. Vscode Extensions

free_one profile image

I'll expand the notable mentions section

free_one profile image

give me your suggestions

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Productivity Enthusiasts Assemble !! 🌎🕦

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