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Nikita Grechino
Nikita Grechino

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Have you seen the weirdest frontend-related logo?


Recently, I've created a post about HTML5 Canvas API and needed to make a cover image for it. I wanted to put a recognizable canvas logo on a solid background and applied custom colors, but I ran into a blocker.

Starting Point

So, do you know what the Canvas logo looks like?

HTML5 Canvas Logo

According to Wikipedia, it is a suggestion for a logo of the HTML5 canvas element by netgoblin154. It was published in 2012 and looks a bit outdated in 2021.


So, I decided to make a more suitable logo for my purpose.
I used netgloblin154's idea as a reference point, but started with a familiar HTML5 logo and colored it using an awesome Nord theme.

HTML5 Canvas Logo

IMHO, it looks much more recognizable and emphasizes that Canvas API is a part of HTML5.

Color regarding the updated logo is suitable for a dark background as is.
HTML5 Canvas Logo on dark background
And works on light background with tiny color tweaking.
HTML5 Canvas Logo on light background

Use it!

Now I want to share it with you guys.
In case you face a similar task, you could download both variants of the updated logo from the gist.

Happy blogging...

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