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How to Create a Simple Blog in 4 Minutes


  • GitHub account
  • Netlify account

Getting Started

Creating a blog to share your ideas with the rest of the world might sound like fun at first, but you might be wondering how to actually do it. With free resources available via platforms such as Gatsby, GitHub and Netlify, you can create, host and deploy your blog in just a few minutes.

How To:

  • Search for gatsby blog starter on Google, or simply use the following direct link -
  • Click on the Netlify button at the bottom of the image preview: Netlify button
  • You will be redirected to Netlify site, click on the Connect to GitHub button to authenticate via GitHub and give Netlify the permissions needed to create a public repository where your blog will be hosted.
  • Change the repository name as desired and click on the Save & Deploy button.
  • After the blog is created by Netlify, you can visit it using the generated link.

Pro-Tip: You can personalise the generic website name generated by Netlify by changing it under Site settings on your Netlify profile or purchase a custom domain and use that if desired.

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