What VSCode theme are you using?

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The IDE and Visual Studio Code in particular is the one tool developers use most.
Since most of us spend many hours a day in Visual Studio code, it's a terrific feature that you can choose your own theme.

At the moment I use Shades of Purple, before that I used Dracula Official for a long time but I want my IDE a bit more colorful 🎨

A great resource for finding your next theme is vscodethemes.com (I'm not related to this website πŸ˜‰).


What theme are you using?

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I never knew how much I needed this in my life! Might as well kick off some synthwave while I'm at it.


Currently using Night Owl with the Dank Mono font.

Night Owl with the Dank Mono font


I like that font. Looks like the Operator Mono but for free!

BTW: You are the first person I see who has the activity bar on the right 😁


Dank Mono isn't free, but I really like the font and it is way more affordable than Operator Mono.

I do things like moving toolbars to keep my brain sharp. Same with my mouse. I'm right handed, but use the mouse with my left hand. I started doing stuff like this in high school as I was big into basketball and was doing anything to get better with my left hand. Because of that, I still brush my teeth with my left hand. πŸ™ƒ

Dank Mono isn't free, but I really like the font and it is way more affordable than Operator Mono.

Ah okay, I only had a quick look at their website.

I'm right handed, but use the mouse with my left hand.

Just tried that. Wow, thats a hard one!

I'm right handed, but use the mouse with my left hand

I'm left handed and the only thing I do with my right hand is moving the mouse. 😁

Is it hard for you to use your right hand for moving the mouse?
Are there special mice for left handers?

I use a track pad at and at work, I have a magic mouse, both which work the same whichever hand you use.



With project-specific title-bar-color.

Loving the black & white syntax. Wouldn't go back to colored anymore.

The font is CamingoCode


That's my favourite theme as well! I don't use VSCode anymore, but your post just reminded me that I miss this theme :) Time for me to attempt port it to vim sometime I guess. Was playing around with monochrome themes in there but none of them clicks the same way for me as Verdandi did.


With project-specific title-bar-color.

Sounds like good idea! I will add that to my workspaces too! Thank you πŸ™


Just tried the colorized title-bar thing. If find it pretty handy, do you know if it is possible to increase the title bar height?

Highly doubt it. It's not part of the web-app, but of the native OS-windowing Electron uses.
What I tried was to shrink the side-tool-bar, but also to no success.

Such a shame. For now I solved it by increasing the zoom level and shrinking the font size:

"window.zoomLevel": 0.3,
"editor.fontSize": 16

I need to look up if it's somehow possible to have a user-stylesheet which just overrides things. It's a website after all.


I’ve been using Palenight for some time now. It’s a dark theme with a smooth and soothing feel, I really enjoy it!


Palenight is just an unofficial porting of the Material Theme palenight variant


Was using Material a Theme, but recently switched to Synthwave β€˜84. Amazing theme. Need to work out the glow but I’ll get there eventually.



Probably, it uses another package to handle the glow. It has the instructions in the docs but I haven’t messed with it. It will probably take more cpu but not 100% sure.

Hey! Thanks for suggesting Synthwave '84!

The glow effect is handled by loading an external CSS file, but despite the neon looks, it's all done with CSS text-shadow so the CPU performance impact is minimal

Nice. I hadn’t played with it for the glow yet. Hoping to have time this weekend to mess with it. Hopefully it’s fairly simple.


Used Dracula for a long time but recently been using Panda.



"One Dark Pro Vivid" and these Fonts "'Menlo for Powerline', Monaco, 'Courier New', monospace".
After installing the theme you have to set the "Vivid" theme separately. I really like the brighter colors.


"One Dark Pro" looks familiar - is that the Atom default theme?


I use Monokai Pro from the original creator of Monokai Theme. It is free for some period but after the trial there will be annoying popups. I really loved it so i bought the license.


I did not know that there are extensions for VSCode that are not free.


Was using Material Theme for the longest time. Just switched to Horizon today and I'm loving it so far


I've been using Horizon for a while, loving it too.


I created a theme to my liking - Kaia Theme. It was inspired by Monokai but I tried to make things easier to read and identify.

Kaia Theme


This looks rad & is really easy on eyes. Good job Ryan.


I've been using and loving Ayu ever since I found it! I personally switch between the two dark variants pretty often, can't pick a favorite....


If anyone is looking for something new, I recently created a theme as a little side project. It's called Supernova, any and all feedback is welcome!

Supernova Theme

Supernova theme


Ooh, that looks nice! I’m going to give your theme a try.


I finally found someone who uses New Moon theme!) I've been using it since Brackets. The most balanced theme in my opinion


I love it! My only complaint is that there's a whole lot of yellow and orange in a lot of my JS, and I typically prefer slightly cooler colors to be more common.


marketplace.visualstudio.com/items... . Because I thought it was funny and I was told I wouldn't last a day using it. Once I'm through with the mistake, I'll go back to my trusty Material Theme (marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...)


Horizon theme with Operator Mono Fonts (Ligature version)

Vscode Horizon theme


I really like the Operator Mono font, but it is very expensive.

nickytonline recommended Dank Mono which looks very similar but is cheaper.


I just discovered from a comment on this post and switched to Victor Mono font. It's sharp and stylish, gotta give it a try.


Theme: Night Owl
Font: Dank Mono
Matching HyperJS Night Owl Theme
Custom Powershell / GitPosh Settings

Although I sometimes still switch back to Material Ocean or Noctis Obscuro

Dark for indoors

Dark Theme

Light for under the sun

Light theme




Good idea to have an option for working under the sun!


Does the Dank Mono font support different font weights?


Not exactly sure, but on Noctis, the import is bold so I think so.


I am using Dainty - Night Owl but I have a problem.
It overrides some of my Operator Mono Lig fonts.
Any ideas?

Here's what I mean :




To be honest, I don't know what you mean?
How should it look like? I don't use ligatures.


The first image is a compatible theme and the second image is Dainty - Night Owl.


I was using Night Owl for a very long time. It's just so easy on the eyes. But I was craving a bit of change. I tried a bunch of themes, but none of them were as easy on eyes as Night Owl. But then I found Noctis .. Noctis Uva is my favorite from the Noctis family.


I think I will try the Noctis theme and its variations too.


I'm currently using Dark++ Italic with the Victor Mono (Medium) font. Previously was using other dark themes like Panda Syntax and Monokai Vibrant. And my Code theme will probably change again - people make such great themes that I can't just stay with one.

VSCode Screenshot


Youβ€˜re right! There are plenty of lovely crafted themes in the wild! Big thanks to all of you who design and create themes ❀️


Horizon. I absolutely love the color combinations and I even configured Hyper to be the exact same. :D


I'm using my own VS Theme as well: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...
Give it a try, you'll definitely fall in love with it!!!



VSCode Dark+ theme screenshot

I was a big fan of One Dark Theme and it's variations. But after Visual Studio 2019 release I looked in a new way at Dark+ and gave it a chance.

And now it's my favorite theme. I'm using it in VS2019, VSCode, PHPStorm and have same visual experience :)


Theme: Hybrid
Fonts: Input Mono or Source Code Pro for Powerline

I use this same combination for iTerm, Vim



Currently using Dracula. I really want to find a dark theme with purple-y, blue-y font to use. Can't seem to find one I love though.


I was looking for the same, right now I stick with Shades of Purple. Maybe you'll like that too.

If you find a suiting one for you - please tell me πŸ€—


I've seen that one, yeah, a bit too bright for me :)

Some nice ones I've seen is Palenight and Night Rider. There've been some good ones mentioned in this discussion!


I always used Dracula, but recently changed it to 1984!


1984 looks very promising to me! Installed it βœ…


My own (sorry for the shameless plug but I honestly enjoy it πŸ˜„)


Your theme looks really nice! Is it complicated to create one?


It's not complicated at all, it just requires some patience. πŸ˜„

Check out this awesome article on CSS tricks: css-tricks.com/creating-a-vs-code-...


SynthWave '84 with full glowyness (and accompanying VSCode warnings) enabled!


Thats pretty cool! Even more colorful than my current theme!


That looks pretty dark to me πŸ˜…
I cannot really read the text in the explorer, is that on purpose?


Using Dracula with the Hasklig font and ligatures. I do sometimes cheat on Dracula with Night Owl πŸ˜‰


I tend to go back and forth between palenight and nord.


I'm using Monokai Pro. Font family is Couriew New. Font size is 18. It's nice for me.


I am using VScode Dark Fusion + Victor Mono font (free, rubjo.github.io/victor-mono/)

For some reason the screenshot wasn't attached πŸ˜•


I've recently been using seti-monokai because it have a high contrast Seti-Monokai


I'm using Dracula with the font Source Code Pro β™₯️


I used Dracula before! Still using it in iTerm2 πŸ’œ

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