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🎃 Hacktoberfest 2021 Hype!

Well, Hacktoberfest 2021 starts tomorrow, I was looking around and...

Huh? Where's the hype?!

It's a graveyard out there! (Pun totally intended.) There's nearly no discussion or hype for Hacktoberfest, and it starts TOMORROW!

While I expect a lot more discussion and excitement tomorrow, it can't hurt to start the discussion off a bit early, right? So...

Who is looking for maintainers / pull requests / help on their project(s) this Hacktoberfest?!

I'll start:


I have a fun and simple React hook called usePleaseStay that helps you animate your favicon and title like so:

usePleaseStay() example

The repository is react-use-please-stay on GitHub.

I've opened a few possible issues that I think could be further optimizations to this hook! I hope you'll consider taking a look at them or tackling one!

Hope to see you all out there this October on the front lines of open source software! Have fun!

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