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What is your favorite SQL viewer/tool

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It should be great to compile a list of best SQL viewers/tools available out there. So, based on the requirements, sometimes we need a simple interface for viewing a table, others, we need a whole tool for making more complex process over a DB (Save queries, Entity-Relationship diagrams, etc)

Let's make a list of best SQL viewer/tools in the market.

Updated list:

  • DBeaver
  • PSequel (simplest one, just for PostgreSQL)
  • TablePlus
  • HeidiSQL
  • DbBrowser
  • MYSQL Workbench
  • Oracle SQL Developer
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I like adminer. Once you installed PHP, it's just one PHP file (+ 1 css file if you use a theme) to install where you want. It's faster than PHPMyAdmin and simpler than MySQL Workbench IMO :)


I work with Microsoft SQL Server, so the natural selection for me is SQL Server Management Studio (A.K.A SSMS). It has a list of add-ins that can make life easier - some are free, some costs money.


I just came across TablePlus which looks very promising


I like and use PHPMyAdmin, I use HeidiSQL as well for MySQL.
Then I use DbBrowser to view Sqlite db

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