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Mine is the MP3 player I still have an Ipod nano I bring with me everywhere, why? I have a dedicated device for playing high quality music that normally wouldn't fit on a phone, or it would have the audio quality reduced by streaming.


+1, I still use my old iPod Shuffle 🥺


non-smart phones, short lived but phones with qwerty where magnificent. Nowdays I just want a phone to make/receive calls, you know, like the old days; and listen music, small and with physical buttons so I don't need to take it out of my pocket, and yes, a phone should fit in a pocket that doesn't belong to a clown. I don't need an IMAX screen in my phone. You can still find old-style phones but they are cheap and poorly made. Oh, and audio plugs and ethernet connectors, please market don't kill them. Some of us like and need them...


FYI, "dumb-phones" still exist. Nokia makes a ton of them. I personally have the at&t cingular flip 2. It works very well for my needs, as I don't have many 😀


not in my country, you can only find cheap and crappy ones. What protection index whould be when they are not protected from fingers or pockets? IP00? well, that would describe them. The point to me is to not think about the phone, which is hard when the tiny screen get scratch if you touch it with dry fingers :D

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