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If I could only use one language I'd pick Haskell. I've been using haskell for about 10 years now, and I'm certainly not blind to it's weaknesses, but I still generally find it to be a joy to work with and, from a practical standpoint, I find it to be an incredibly versatile language that can be a good choice for a huge breadth of different real world problems. Perhaps most importantly, I can't think of any other language where I spend less time dealing with problems that aren't directly related to the problem I'm trying to solve.

If I get to pick a second language I'd probably pick Rust. Although I have much more experience with C, and I've only started learning Rust recently, it seems to fit the same niche as C for most problems while offering the benefit of a more expressive type system and much better memory safety in the general case.


Hmm, not sure if I have a favorite per se. If I had to choose one to know probably Go, even though I am not super proficient in it yet. Go has high enough performance and enough flexibility to do pretty much anything web related (and a lot of other stuff).

For OOP I like PHP as it offers a ton of flexibility and (optional) strict typing. Learning some Python recently I have found more respect for PHP's implementation of classes/interfaces/traits/strict types.

For API's and event driven logic I like JS (node) due to its easy to use async nature and performance. For browser there is not a choice really so you can't really call browser JS your favorite I think.


Aqueduct uses Dart as REST API,
AngularDart uses dart. It's just the same as Angular with Dart's OOP.

Dart can be used as both web and server found in their documentation.
Dart has improved a lot since the rise of flutter. It became from the worst programming language(according to some tech blogs) to best.


I'd have to say Java or Python. I am planning to learn C# at some point though.


C# is pretty good, It has the same general syntax as java.


That's primarily why I want to learn it. 😁


If only a single language, then it has to be Kotlin for me.

Otherwise whatever language has the best tooling for what I want to get done.


My favorite is JavaScript (node) because I like the front end development and the possibility to use this language in mobile/desktop.

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