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George Delaportas (ViR4X)
George Delaportas (ViR4X)

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micro-MVC :: Alternative Web Development Framework

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Having a solid 20+ years of experience on programming languages, frameworks, utilities, etc. and having seen various approaches to problems, ideas and techniques, I decided to develop an alternative framework for web development that is:

  • Enterprise-ready
  • Dead simple (KISS)
  • Extensible with no limits
  • Secure
  • Having very small footprint
  • Fast and reliable
  • Creative and not super strict
  • Able to integrate any other framework/platform
  • ...and much more!

For all the details check micro-MVC at and read all the critical details in the documentation at


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George Delaportas (ViR4X)

Whoever sees the framework will notice that I have used very few 3rd party libraries and this is due to my work for high quality code that is both small and fast.
For instance large libraries such has jQuery is not included but can be used by the programmer at any time.

Instead, "Vulcan" does the hard work among other core libraries.

Finally, among the many innovations and features that micro-MVC introduces, "Aether" is a unique library as it is the only JS library that enables real-time QoS and Traffic Control for AJAX call streams. It's usefulness is undoubtfully huge for large scale enterprise web applications that cope with millions of connections, has limitations, need to utilize certain bandwidth allocations, set priorities, have strict delays, enforce policies and so on...

Foe more details you may check:

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George Delaportas (ViR4X) • Edited

The core PHP framework is fairly simple and concrete. The infrastructure has been built on layers that provide a concise and solid stack.

The "util.php" comes with many useful functions, the "db.php" provides smart ways to handle DB connections and "mvc.php" introduces virtual routing with loosely connected view-model relations for dynamic assignment of paths.

As for the PHP extensions, the most interesting is splash. This library/framework and extension empowers programmers to create server-side controls, like the ones that exist in the .NET world and therefore, control all aspects from the PHP server side and not from the client HTML world.

For more details check: