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My first library😁

Hi! I'm Gohomewho, a front-end beginner. There are so many cool things to learn in this field and I'm excited to be here. Recently, I've made my first library, it is a tooltip library. Now let me introduce it to you, and see how it works.

I like to customize stuff, so I add many customizable features. sometimes it may seem to be unnecessary, but it is nice to have if you need it.


  1. Supports 8 directions and can be configured in a specific order.
  2. Automatically switch to other positions if it doesn't have enough breathing space.
  3. Configurable background color and text color, and the text itself of course!
  4. It has a nice animation pointer. The pointer is simply an HTML entity, which means it is also configurable. if you don't like it you could exclude it!
  5. Add extra space to the distance between the tooltip and element if you like.
  6. You could also specify the font size and arrow size without writing CSS.


  • Press ↑↓←→ to move the element.
  • To change the pointer, you can get HTML code from here, you have to specify the direction where the arrow points toward (up/right/down/left).

How to use

  1. Download tooltip.js and tooltip.css in src folder.
  2. Add them to your project.
    1. Import tooltip.js to your main.js.
    2. Add type="module" to script tag in HTML if you are not using bundler.
    3. Integrate tooltip.css to your CSS file.
  3. Create an element with data-tooltip="some text". Done!
Import './tooltip.js'
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<script type="module" src="main.js"></script>
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I was following the markdown course on scrimba and then wrote my first article. Thanks for reading!😊

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