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Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman

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Goodbye Google

I’ve been a gmail user since it first came out, and I used to be a fan of google, but now I find myself more and more concerned with their data gathering practices. I’ve decided to move all of my personal services off of google onto open source self hosted alternatives. This page will act as a checklist for each of the services I’m able to get off of. Each of the links below will talk about what I’m using now and how I set it up.

Google Services To Replace


This one was the easiest of the bunch. Instead of using as a search engine, I now use I’ve made my default search engine for everything. There’s even a command line tool that lets you search from the cli:


Instead of using chrome, I’m now exclusively using Firefox.


Email was complicated since there are so many moving parts. Instead of gmail, I’m now using a combination of OpenBSD’s smtpd, the dovecot imap server, and OpenBSD’s spamd hosted on a Vultr VPS running OpenBSD. To read and send mail I’m now using aerc as well as Thunderbird as my local clients. I don’t do webmail anymore.


For my calendar, I’m now using simple calendar synching to a self hosted instance of kcaldav. I pretty much only use my calendar on my phone so I don’t currently have a web version.


No good solution for photos yet.


Haven’t tried to figure out contact syncing yet.


While I’ve used openstreetmap it’s not very effective where I live. I’ve been contributing to it when I can, but it can’t yet replace google maps for me.


I know there are some open source forks of Android out there and I’ve tried CyanogenMod previously (which I guess is now called LineageOS), but I think ideally I’d like something like the PinePhone to fully opt out of the Android ecosystem.


Instead of Google Authenticator I’m using andOTP.

Play Store

Instead of the play store, I’m using F-Droid a catalog of open source software for Android.

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schmowser profile image
Victor Warno

Hey! Degoogling is a good idea! I started using osmAnd as a Maps alternative. It feels different but does its job. I am also looking into a new mobile phone setup and thinking about /e/OS - a degoogled version of Android. It actually let's you install the common android apps but limits communication with Google services and shows you a privacy score for each app! Keep fighting the good fight!

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Cool, thanks good to know! I've tried osmAnd but the directions are very poor where I live (out in the country). I'll keep trying it though and adding information to the maps database so it will improve!

daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco

Interesting initiative and share Gabriel 👍

Never tried out but I follow Gaël Duval on Medium and his journey with the /e/ Foundation.

They build a "desirable, open source, privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems". Worth to have a look!

king11 profile image
Lakshya Singh

Brave can be a better option with chrome's capabilities ane privacy as well

qier222 profile image

I don’t trust Brave, this is why:

_phzn profile image
Kevin Lewis

I’ve also done this. For photos I have a managed instance of Nextcloud with a host that uses renewable energy to power data centres. The Nextcloud app has a ‘backup photos as they’re taken’ option just like google photos. Hope this helps

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Cool, I used to run a nextcloud instance, but it's been awhile. Nice that they do photos now too! I'll have to give it another look.

meghdad profile image

Hey! use Nextcloud for Google Drive alternative.

rtivital profile image
Vitaly Rtishchev

Well, you can just buy an iPhone

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

While that does get me off of Android, it doesn't tick off the "open source, self hosted alternative" box. I'm going all in!

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I think Aurora Store has non open source APK's as well.

For OTP, I currently use Authy.

ellasofia253 profile image

I scene all game tools just one platform also provide games. This store is gave you a lot of facilities


Regard :Ella

kihayu profile image

There is also a store called APKPure which contains a lot of free Play Store apps

shakibdshy profile image
Shakib D shy

Hey! Yandex is a nice and comfortable solution for files, images, etc. I'm using this. You can try it.

iamschulz profile image
Daniel Schulz

Self hosting a nextcloud is a nice and comfortable solution for files, images, contacts, calender, etc.

unscrambles profile image

Their might be many options that are providing that facility just go to here

asixjin profile image
King Asix

Aren't you gonna have to find more alternatives if you get a Pinephone?

gabeguz profile image
Gabriel Guzman

Not necessarily, since the PinePhone is currently running a somewhat standard linux distribution a lot of the things I'm now self hosting should work somewhat decently. We'll see, but I'm definitely liking where they are going so far.