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I'm setting a year-end contributor goal for Owncast!

What is this about?

Many people find around the end of the year to have some spare moments to spread their wings and experiment with things outside of work. So I'm issuing a challenge to myself to reach out to these people and get three new people to contribute to Owncast, the self-hosted, free and open source live video and chat server, before the end of the year.

Each person that contributes to a project, even once, injects their ideas, approaches, energy and personality into it, leaving it better than when they found it. But I understand it's often daunting to step into something new, and a formal invitation is sometimes helpful. This is your invite.

What is Owncast?

Owncast is a 100% free and open source piece of software you can get up and running in about a minute to host your own live streams in a similar style to Twitch or YouTube Live. It's been steadily growing for the past year and you can read more about it, as well see a list of other contributors, at

What can you help with?

Owncast is a React frontend project with a Go backend. In general fewer people have been contributing to Owncast on the frontend, so I'm reaching out to you frontend people especially! If you're comfortable with React-powered projects we'd love to have you jump in on something. Either from our list of "good first issues", the list of bugs, or something new that you think could be improved.

Where to begin?

Feel free to reach out to me directly and say hello via email at You can also find me on the Fediverse, message me here on Dev, or join the Owncast project chat where we hang out.

More than anything it's awesome to meet new people, and I'd love to hear what your interests are and see where there might be some overlap, for as long or as short of a time as you like. I look forward to meeting you!

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