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Own your code!


It all started with this simple post on LinkedIn:

Own your code! ✔️
Say what? 🔥

If you are in the middle of interviewing or have been recently and you gave your best and worked extra, and your work wasn't paid, then think about re-using that initial effort and make it public for others to see. If you didn't sign an NDA, didn't get paid for that take-home project, well... firstly, I know the frustration, and secondly, the code is yours. Be blond, share it out and loud for future you and other companies. I don't care if you started coding last month or 20 years ago; share your work. Don't let the take-home tests be forgotten somewhere. A lot of them are quite similar, so maybe next time you can leverage that and say "Hey, I already did one similar, take a look at that, please".

Let's share our take-home projects.
These are my latest (didn't keep old ones):
Looking forward to seeing your projects in the comments.

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