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Web Development on an iPad Pro and Thoughts of a New Web Developer

So for awhile now I have been wanting to pursue my career as a web developer and I have had my ups and down. Earlier this year I started to take that seriously using avenues like Superhi and countless YouTube videos. I am happy to say I have been working as a developer full time for a month now. Since I have the bare set up of just a MacBook Pro, I have been wanting to add a monitor for awhile now. With the recent updates in OS X and the inclusive of iPad OS I though,” Why not just invest in your future and get an iPad Pro as a monitor and for design features”. So after a few months I went for it.

I love this machine. I’m actually writing this article on my iPad just to prove my point. I have a $40 keyboard case and it is honestly better than the Folio keyboard from Apple IMO. Now on to my point, I was searching for how to use this as my main machine eventually and was coming up empty handing. I know things like Codepen exist and I love that platform but I really love Svelte and want to be able to add libraries or use frameworks. So in my current role I have been having to wait for access to files and a text editor so I went on the hunt for an in browser one. I found Code Sandbox. It reminds me so much of VS Code. This thing has really made me feel as though serious web development on the iPad is just around the corner. For things like testing and cross browser testing though we are still a bit out. I’m so thrilled that if I am out and about with just my iPad or on a trip I will be able to make little side projects and one offs with out the need to bring every machine in my house.

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