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Gajus Kuizinas
Gajus Kuizinas

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Migrating from Cypress to Playwright using GPT3

Cypress and @playwright/test are two competing integration testing frameworks. We have been using Cypress for a long time but recently made a decision to migrate our Cypress tests to Playwright, all 400 of them. It is absolutely worth it for the speed and reliability gains (a future post)... However, it meant a lot of manual work! Or so I thought...

Read how we automated the process almost entirely using GPT3 on Contra.

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Stefano Magni

Hey Gajus, am I wrong or the link reports

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Florent Hobein

Hi @gajus , thanks for this very helpful article. I am curious to know the time and team effort it took to migrate those 400 tests you're talking about in your article?