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Sharing templates with Scaffolder!

Sharing templates with Scaffolder is now possible via Github!
So how does it work? you simply upload your templates to a Github repository under a scaffolder folder and you are good to go!
To actually generate one of those templates, you will need to run the following command scaff i --from-github and you will be prompted to enter a repository from which you want to consume templates.
You can see an example repo here.

Currently, this feature is only supported in the interactive CLI mode, but support for the vs-code extension and the normal cli flow will drop in soon.

For more information about scaffolder and this feature check out scaffolder repository.
And don't be shy, feel free to star the scaffolder repository ;)

Got any feature requests or improvements in mind? feel free to open an issue :)

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Scaffolder - Increasing dev velocity and standardizing file conventions.

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npm version GalElmalah

Copy pasting is hard and prone to mistakes.
Keeping your project file structure consistent is annoying.
Sharing templates is too damn complicated!
This is where Scaffolder come in

For a brief introduction and motivation for this tool, read this.

check out the vscode extension


Getting started


Install scaffolder globally

npm i -g scaffolder-cli

this will make the scaff command available globally, you can now type scaff i in the terminal, to enter the cli in interactive mode.

You can also use…

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