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How to write articles if you are non-native English speaker?

Wilfredo Pérez
Venezuelan guy that loves the technologies, Javascript and reads books. Dad of 2 and Everyday trying to learn something new.
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I'm not a native English speaker, and I don't know how I can write without making any grammatical mistakes, I know that it's almost impossible. Several times I have thought "Hey this is interesting to share in" but I'm afraid of someone reads about and doesn't understand my point of view.

What are the recommendations that you can give to people like me? Another point is that I'm studying English.

Thanks a lot, guys.

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Adam Sawicki

By reading this post, I think your English is very good, so don't worry :) Learn, practice, write, and don't be afraid to make mistakes - they are OK as long as people can still understand you and learn something useful from your posts. It's all about programming after all, not about being perfect in your use of natural language :)

I recommend to write or paste your post to Microsoft Word before posting. It will find your spelling and some grammar errors. Then you can paste it to Google Translate and translate it to your native language, to see if it still makes sense. That's the way I do it with all my blog posts.

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Incluso si escribieras perfecto inglés siempre estará esa persona que no entiende completamente lo que dices.

como dice el gran sabio Shia LaBeouf, "Just do it!"