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Top 6 Vs-Code Extension to be used in 2021

Visual Studio Code is one of the most widely used code editors in the developer community. One of the reasons for VS Code’s popularity is its many extensions that speed up the development process.

In this blog, we’ll see top 6 VS Code extensions every web developer should know in 2021. These tools are designed to improve the developer experience and make your job easier in various ways.

Top 6 extensions

  • Auto Rename Tag
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer
  • Better Comments
  • Markdown All in One
  • Icons
  • Prettier
  • Thunder Client

1. Auto Rename Tag

A must have extension if you're a Web Developer !
Auto Rename Tag is one of the best and a super useful VS Code extension for web developers. As the names suggest, Auto Rename tag renames the second tag as the first one is updated and vice versa.

auto rename tag

2. Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer is an extension that matches corresponding brackets with the same color. Having nested components, functions, objects, etc., in a file, can become confusing with multiple parentheses, brackets, etc.

bracket pair

3. Better Comments

Better Comments Extension is made to write more human friendly comments.

You can use either of the following characters after double forward slash (//):

  • * for highlighted text
  • ! for errors and warnings
  • ? for queries and questions
  • // for strikethrough
  • TODO for to-dos

better comments

4. Markdown All in One

Markdown All in One is an extension that takes leap of all your markdown needs, such as auto-preview, shortcuts, autocomplete,etc.


5. Prettier

Prettier is a code formatter. It’s one of the most popular code formatters available. Having consistent formatting and styling across your code can save a lot of time.


6. Thunder Client

Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code, with simple and clean design.
In backend development we use 100s of get, post, put, patch and delete requests. It is really very hard to switch between software to check our requests. You might be using Postman or any other software to check those request but Thunder Client is one of the biggest competitor of those.

Thunder Client


In this blog we saw top 6 vs-code extensions in 2021. There are 100s of Vs-Code Extensions that you can explore. i.e.

  • Live Server
  • Live Share
  • Code Spell checker

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