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Best password authentication strategy?

garretharp profile image Garret ・1 min read

I was curious based on your personal/professional opinion what is the best way to do password authentication?

I see so many different ways of handling users' passwords from salts hashing etc. and I wanted to know what you guys would do.

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peledzohar profile image
Zohar Peled

Best option: Login using google/facebook.
Second best: Hash and salt.
Bad: Encrypt
Never: plain text.

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Garret Author

I am more asking what is the best option within hash & salt because their are many algorithms some better than others

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Zohar Peled

I have seen this code project article also posted on (which currently seems to be having problems with their SSL) - and while I'm not a security expert - it seems to me that they are doing a pretty good job explaining it.