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Stickeroid - how your words turn into stickers

I am surrounded by developers, businessmen and startups, so I draw projects for analysis from them.

Today I chose Stickeroid.

Here is the link :

Demo UI

This project deals with the man to whom I look with pride, Victor Koch.

What is the project like?

The project is an AI system that allows you to choose stickers for your words.

Audience of the project?

The audience of the project are developers, especially messengers.

What about downloads?

There is as such no downloads, but they claim that with their help sent 692120430 stickers.

What are the advantages of the project?

Easy to use for developers, all for free. So if you have an app that needs stickers, why don't you use a cool thing?

I want to mention my favorite style of Viti in the design, I don't know he does it himself or accompanies each pixel, but their anboarding very cool:

They immediately covered the top messengers and everything that is possible.

The cons of the project ?

For me in such projects, it is not clear yet, but where is Carl's money?

But at the same time, I understand that the guys who are behind the project, clearly understand what they are doing and where the money is.

What about the money in the project?

From what I see in guys already poured $200k, but I have a sense of, that the groundwork comprise money the most Viti.

The result?

The project with a clear purpose and tough team, but for me, with a strange cash time.

Thank you for read, i start this because i written post

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