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Create a MERN app from a CSV

Hello, so a new player is in town: Aptugo. And I would love to show you how it changes the paradigm on software development.

It takes literally less than 2 minutes to have a CRUD application from a CSV up and working built on MERN (MongoDB Express React Node)

Step 1: Open Aptugo

If you haven't got a copy yet, just head to their website ( and send a contact inquiry asking for a trial. Chances are that in less than 1 hour you'll have it up and running.

Step 2: Create a new App

Set any name, you don't need instructions for this :)

Step 3: Drop a CSV

Make sure you choose the right option (it changes, but usually says: "process the CSV as data")

Drop CSV into Aptugo

It will ask for the table name to save this into. Keep in mind it will create your API, reducers, etc related to this name. I went with "companies"

Step 4: Move companies inside the dashboard

In order for the link to magically appear in the sidebar. Trivial step, but otherwise this tutorial would be way too short:

Move Companies inside Dashboard

It is just a drag-n-drop in the Pages section.

Step 4: Save and Build

Hit the SAVE button, then the BUILD button next to it.

Done. Head to your builds folder and you'll have your application ready to run as shown (first time it builds it takes one minute or two as it automatically performs the npm install for us as well)

Basic Application up and running in 30 secs!

And that's it! I would say it is like create-react-app but also creates the back-end for us, and the redux store... but it is much more than that!

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