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create-react-app alternative

Imagine you could use any boilerplate to create your apps. Both front and back. Customize it to suit your needs, and from there, continue evolving your boilerplate in a different layer than your apps.

That's basically what Aptugo is ("basically" as that's probably 1% of what Aptugo is)

It is like create-react-app, or create-vue-app, or create-*-app with the twist that the template system to build your applications is easily editable, multi-layered, atomic, and circular.

Let me explain:

npm i aptugoclient -g
git clone
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And that's it. Now you can create ready to run applications in seconds with just one command:

aptugo new
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BASE templating system from Aptugo creates MERN applications, but you can simply use your own templating/boilerplate.

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