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create-react-app alternative

gastonius profile image gaston gorosterrazu ・1 min read

Imagine you could use any boilerplate to create your apps. Both front and back. Customize it to suit your needs, and from there, continue evolving your boilerplate in a different layer than your apps.

That's basically what Aptugo is ("basically" as that's probably 1% of what Aptugo is)

It is like create-react-app, or create-vue-app, or create-*-app with the twist that the template system to build your applications is easily editable, multi-layered, atomic, and circular.

Let me explain:

npm i aptugoclient -g
git clone
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And that's it. Now you can create ready to run applications in seconds with just one command:

aptugo new
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BASE templating system from Aptugo creates MERN applications, but you can simply use your own templating/boilerplate.

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