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Hosting your website with Firebase🔥

I love how easy it is to host a website with Firebase.

Set up

Create a project in the Firebase console by just a few clicks.

If you haven't used firebase before, install the cli and login:

npm i -g firebase-tools
firebase login

Then initiate your project:

firebase init

Select "Hosting" with space then enter. Then select the project created in the Firebase console. Then enter the path to the folder your index.html file is located (i.e. public). If you have a single-page app and want all urls to point to index.html select yes.


firebase deploy

Congratulations, you have now hosted your website. You will find your page as a subdomain of and Like this and If you need your own domain, just go to Hosting in the firebase console and press the Connect domain button. Each time you need to update the content, just make the changes and hit firebase deploy again.

Check out Firebase for more information.


firebase init
firebase deploy

That's all, thank you for reading 🔥💙

This article is part of Hosting a Website series, I usually choose Firebase when I want to deploy manually or are using other Firebase products and Netlify if I want CD (continuous delivery). Though both manually and CD is possible to achieve with both of them.

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M Yousuf Soomro

Wow.. Amazing!! 👍

Also, look out my tutorial video of Firebase Hosting 🔥