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Flutter - In-app education plugin

Close the gap between content and adoption. Provide your users a way to know what they don't know. 

Some months ago we created Pal. 
The vision was to create a complete solution to help developers and market team create better app experience. 
We went a bit too far so today we goes back to a simpler solution. This is the first step of this rework. 

Introducing Pal widgets 

Pal widgets is an open source plugin that lets you just create helper without any server. This is a complete open source plugin just aiming giving you designed widgets. 
When Pal required you to use a no code solution to create helpers. Pal-widgets let you make helpers with code anywhere you want in your app. 

Hole Anchored Helper

This is the first widget from Pal that is now available in Pal widgets plugin. This lets you create a designed tuto (inspired by google tutorials) which creates a fullscreen overlay with just a hole above the widget you wants to explain.
Nearly everything is optional so you can create the experience you want. 
Here is an example of anchored helper that will pop out when user tap on the hole. 

tuto without buttons

Here is the widget code 

Pal widget hole anchored helper without buttons. You can freely choose to show or not buttons or customize the onTapAnchor action. 

code to create anchored pal widget helper

Here is a demo of a tuto with 2 buttons. 

Tuto with 2 buttons

Wants to change the design ? 

You can create your own anchored helper factory 
But we wants to go further and let you the ability to way more customize your tuto.

What's next

First we are all open for your suggestions on this project. The goal of pal-plugins is to provide you a complete set of widgets to create your experience. 
Next we are looking to create more design, more customization, more widgets with the same vision. 
Hope you enjoy and creates amazing onboarding experience within your app. 
Share with us what you create. 
We loves to see what you do using Pal. 

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Github repository

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