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Gustavo Castillo

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MongoDB GUI tools for managing your DB's

When we are working with databases is very useful to manage them using a tool which allows us to query and visualize our information not only fast, but also easy. I'm using mongodb in a project and I have found some GUI tools which I think you can find helpful. Let's get started to see them.

MongoDB Compass (official tool for mongodb)

"MongoDB Compass is designed to allow users to easily analyze and understand the contents of their data collections within MongoDB and perform queries, without requiring knowledge of MongoDB." Official site

Robo 3T & Studio 3T

"Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) is the free lightweight GUI for MongoDB enthusiasts."official site"

"Are you serious about MongoDB? Choose Studio 3T - our fully featured IDE for MongoDB professionals."


  • Fully featured IDE with embedded shell
  • Visual Query Builder
  • In-Place editing
  • IntelliShell with Auto-Completion
  • Query MongoDB with SQL
  • Export to / import from SQL DB
  • Aggregation Pipeline Editor

Note: Studio 3T is a paid software, but it's really complete you can download the free trial for 14 days and give it a try


"MongoBooster is a shell-centric cross-platform GUI tool for MongoDB v2.4-3.4, which provides fluent query builder, SQL query, update-in-place, ES2017 syntax support and true intellisense experience." official site

Note: if you know any other tool, please let me know in the comments section :), happy coding!

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You can also check out QueryAssist for MongoDB (, professional GUI tool with smart code completion (IntelliSense), SQL query to MongoDB, advanced shell, themes and modern-looking GUI. Free version is available.

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ImTheDeveloper • Edited

As a general comment I've worked with community version of mongodb and quite recently worked with mongodb enterprise as we have deployed a 5 node cluster into production at my current clients site. I do feel that compass is lacking. I kind of felt it would offer so much more than what it does. The UI is pretty ok but the functionality is so limited. It is ashame really as it's a good usage of electron as an app but just lacks the features.

We've gone back to the console to manage our crud operations and I do the same with my community version. That said other products from mongo are excellent including atlas and ops manager.

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Gustavo Castillo

Yes, I am agree with you Compass is still a basic tool and as you said it's a little limited, but I hope it improves over the time. I put it here because it's the official tool for Mongodb thanks for your comment :).

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Nadine M. Thêry

Hi there! Just bringing this up again, because I have been recommended to use Robo 3T, but I already have installed the last version of Compass. I would like to know your opinion regarding both of them. Which one should I use better?

Thanks a lot!

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Pranta Saha

i think mongodb compass is great.