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An Introvert's Guide to Thank You notes

It can feel a little old fashioned, but thank you notes are still appreciated in this digital world. I use thank you notes as a way to give thanks and remind others of our interaction. I enjoy writing thank you emails because then I have a record of what we discussed.

As per points 8 and 9 of my conference guide, I use thank you notes to keep in touch with those I chatted with.

My generic template is:

  • greeting
  • reminder of what we discussed
  • any followup
  • thanks

So as an email, it could look like:

To: Super Cool Person
Subject: Great seeing you at the conference

Hi Super!

I greatly enjoyed talking with you this weekend. I really liked discussing xyz and learning about abc that solves many of the problems I was having.

I look forward to having coffee with you the next time you are in town.

Thank you once again,


I tend to be rather casual with my thank you notes, you can easily make it more formal if desired.

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rizwanjavaid profile image

Love the idea. Thanks for the template. 👍🏼

rnrnshn profile image

Amazing... 😍

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Horst Gutmann

Nice structure! I tend to do something quite similar whenever I meet someone at a conference or (sadly less frequently) at a business dinner or meetup 🙂