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Why I Transferred My Domains From Godaddy to Namesilo

Why I Transferred My Domains From GoDaddy to Namesilo

2 Gifts at the end of the Article.

I have been using Godaddy for more than 6 years, I bought more than 100 domains on it. Before I left I had 10+ domains on Godaddy. Here’s the receipt of the first domain I bought from Godaddy

It’s 6 years and 2 months ago. That Domain cost me about $1 at that time with a coupon (about 8EGP in my country's currency at that time).

At the time of this receipt, the regular price of a .com domain was $10 and the same for the renewal. I noticed that Godaddy is increasing the renewal price of domains every year but It didn't matter to me till I found that it was increasing by %20 over the 2018 price of$14.99.

In February 2019 I renewed a .org domain for $21.17, I thought It was expensive because it's a 3 letter domain. But when I tried to renew my .com normal domains I found it will cost me $18.17.

I made a google search and found out that only GoDaddy was increasing its prices.

So I had to look for a better and cheaper provider after checking many reviews I found that NameSilo is the best one and cheaper than Godaddy and even other providers. Check the prices at NameSilo here: NameSilo Pricing

Here are some comparisons between NameSilo and Godaddy:


What really matters to me from this comparison:

  • Price of registration.
  • Price of renewal.
  • WHOIS Privacy.
  • 30 Days period for renewing expired domains.
  • Accepts Bitcoin

This will save me about 40% of the cost for each year as I pay for many domains renewal.

The First Gift

The good part here and the gift for you guys is that you can transfer your domain at that low price and a $1 discount for each domain all you need is to use one of these coupons




So now If you are going to buy domain from NameSilo you will save $7 per domain with the discount coupons medium1usd , mediumcoupon

The Second gift

If you’re looking for free hosting for your websites here’s a $50 in FREE Hosting Credit on DigitalOcean

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