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We've just launched new crypto app/game - OneMillionPixels. And have already taken the 5th place on DappRadar right after CryproKitties and more then 2mln tokens has been sold.

Dapp screenshot

OMPx, a new online multiplayer creative game, that is centred around an online canvas of one million (1000x1000) pixels for players to edit to their imagination, announces free distribution of playground tokens to incentivise early players.

OMPx stands for OneMillionPixels. The new game recently released on Ethereum blockchain represents a digital canvas of 1000x1000 pixels, which registered players can edit by changing the color of a single pixel from a 24-bit (16 million colour) palette. OMPx game, or more specifically, a decentralised app (dapp) is powered by a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain, and is operating without any human interference according to the Game Rules embedded into the smart contract.

OMPx smart contract, in exchange for Ether crypto coins (ETH), releases the dapp’s tokens (ERC20 OMPx tokens), to be used by players to paint the canvas’ pixels, one token for one pixel. This way, the more tokens a player has got, the more pixels she can paint, creating small logos and bigger pictures, writing slogans, embedding URL of websites in the repainted pixels, etc.

Another feature of OMPx dapp is the possible growth of OMPx Token value as provided in the OMPx smart contract code. The main factor directly increasing the token value is the number of players: the more players join, the more expensive the token becomes according to the smart contract. There are other factors the combination of which may result in the value of the token going up or down. These include: total token supply released by the OMPx smart contract, the number of tokens used to paint the pixels, and how many tokens are returned by players back to OMPx smart contract in exchange for ETH.

How it looks right now

OMPx, as a fenomen, puts forward an intriguing question on what a society can do with a shared-use multi-purpose tool which can simultaneously serve to release one’s own creative potential, for marketing and advertising, as well as for betting on the ETH value of the game’s tokens.

To take part in the dapp, you should register on the game’s official website at To try one’s luck on the Free Supply of OMPx Tokens, a user should visit the dapp’s thread on Reddit

It would be awesome to hear some feedback.

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