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WordPress for Small Businesses

WordPress for small businesses

WordPress is one of the best tools you can use for a small business and it is a great way to spread the word out. It also helps you make more money.

If you want a web presence WordPress is often the biggest choice with the cms.

A WordPress site can get up and running in seconds and you can configure SEO, couple it with email marketing and other little things too quite well.

Use the free plugins and themes

For everything you want to do, there’s probably already a free plugin out there. There are quite a lot of them. There are plugins to build forms and collect data from leads, email optin plugins and so on

Check for the release and update notes on the themes and see if there’s support. There should be forums for developers and there should be some sort of support should you run into problems. 

Don’t download themes that don’t have support.

There should be someone there to help

Do look out for the plugin rating and see how many times it was downloaded, who downloaded it and when it was updated. Avoid plugins that aren’t updated often and seem abandoned. There will be issues.


WordPress gets a ton of updates

With other sites the design starts falling apart and the functionality turns poor as it ages. Not a chance with WordPress. There’s an update alway around the corner and that stops vulnerabilities and hackers from getting in and attacking your site and destroying it.

The plugins and themes should be from great developers and they should be able to pinpoint all the faults. Always take backups before updating.


WordPress has free help

There are issues always cropping up and turns out WordPress has a massive number of users who can help with the issue. The issue you have is something people have come to face before and asking around about the issue can get you help on time. Let’s say you have a tax and accounting site and you ran into an issue. There’s tons of people doing the same thing.

There are also blogs and dedicated forums around WordPress to help you every bit of the way as well.


Get premium themes

There are also premium themes. With Freemius, you can get integrated SEO and ratings schema  on your site. They are much more advanced. They may have integrated SEO and ratings schema built in which means you don’t need most plugins. They also look god and in most cases you get a year’s worth updates. The free themes may look great but they also need plugins to add to your site that can bloat it up.

There are plugins like sliders and ratings schema that do most of the heavy lifting or o


The big problem is that WordPress can not be used for every purpose and site. If you want very good features a custom designed site is always the better choice. With this you get a ton of updates to use and format your WordPress site in the best possible way.

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