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Why you should be an android developer in 2022

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The Android Operation System has been around for several years now. It’s the most used mobile operating system around the world running on over 75% devices in Nigeria.
The Android OS is free and open source. It also runs on other platforms like Wristwatches, TVs, Portable Media Players, etc.

A software developer who specializes in designing/developing Applications for the Android Marketplace is called an Android developer. Most of an Android developer’s job revolves around creating Apps for our smartphones, tablets and other platforms that runs the Android OS.

There are several reasons why you should be an android developer in 2022. Some of them are listed below:
DEMAND; The need for android developers (Both entry and experienced) has always been on the high especially with the adoption of technology into the economic, financial and other sections in Africa. The demand has increased as most companies has gone online, owning/needing their own customized App to increase/optimize business workflow.
Android Apps continue to grow in popularity, creating a wide variety of opportunities for Android developers to work, either as permanent employees or freelancers ( on-site or remote).

WIDE MARKET;The Android OS is still the most used mobile Operating System in the world having over 2.56 million Apps on its official marketplace PLAYSTORE, making Playstore the biggest mobile App store around the globe. Apps on the playstore are available for downloads to all Android users either for free or paid depending on the developer preference.
The Android OS which runs on several platforms like Wristwatches, TVs, Portable Media Players, IOT (Internet of things) etc. allows and supports developers to build customized applications for these different platforms giving the developers more opportunities.

HIGH SALARY; Android developer salaries, depends mostly on the region, experience level and the employer. In Nigeria, the experience level is an important factor in determining the salary. Naturally, the more years of experience, the higher your wages.
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P.S: Android Developers take contracts to create Apps for clients and earn up to 1.5 million and above depending on the app features and terms of contract.

The Android platform continues to grow, which means there’s a lot of jobs and room for advancement. In order become an Android developer, you should have interest not only in computers and software but have an analytical mind and problem-solving skills. Some steps to becoming and android developer include:

  1. Get a university/college degree, specifically in computer science or related field.
  2. Become proficient in Java or Kotlin programing language along with databases.
  3. Get familiar with XML
  4. Get certifications in mobile App development. This can include Associate Android Developer Certification, SAP, MDICD, etc.
  5. Have sufficient knowledge of the Android Software Development Kit and Studio.
  6. Create an Android App. Once you become comfortable with the Android packages, use them to create an app and start a portfolio of your work
  7. Find an entry level job by showcasing your work on online sources.

Getting resources online has always been the way to go for beginners across the country. Some places to find very good resources to get started with being an android developer include:


joining developer communities is also a great way to get started with learning. Some interesting dev. Communities include:
· Google developers group
· Google developers students club
· Github campus program
· Microsoft student ambassador programs

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