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As an R&D developer I spend a lot of my time researching new technologies and creating proof of concepts for software products.

Whereas before it was working on a production product itself, following along to the product roadmap.


What are some examples of task you're given in the new job?

Once of the examples I have looked at is how we can use machine learning to better analyse our customers data to predict future patterns

Ah, so you are choosing your projects yourself?


What will be your suggestion for a software developer who want to move into R&D developer? What's the best & not so good part about switching to R&D?


I think you just need to have an interest in using new technology and being able to quickly assert if it is worth continuing or to move onto the next thing.

In terms of pros and cons, the best thing is being able to work outside of the main product roadmap as well as testing and trying out techology I probably wouldn't have used otherwise.

However I think the biggest con is not seeing something all the way through to fruition. Once a proof of concept has been created and it has been agreed to progress with it, I then hand it off to the product development team while I move onto the next thing.


What are some technologies that are interesting to you right now?


I really like Docker. While it has been out for a while now, I haven't got a massive amount of experience in it. So it's something that is now getting a lot of my attention.


No, but I guess it depends upon your employer's requirements


Congrats George!
What was your recent roadblock in R&D and how did you overcome it?


You have my dream job. Seriously. So how did you land this job? The R&D developers I have seen have a PhD.


Personally I think it is a lot more about attitude and your approach to things that makes the difference. Knowing when it is ok to cut corners because you are creating a proof of concept, communicating well with other key members of the team to make sure what ever you are looking at could fit well within our stack etc.


You were a Full Stack PHP Developer before. As RnD developer now, do you recommend your company to continue developing in PHP? If not what else?


We use a variety of different languages in different areas of our stack, so we use things like Node.js, Java and C#.

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