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Geshan Manandhar
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3 Software Engineering podcasts you must subscribe to now

Software Engineering podcasts have been my companion for a long time. I have listened to software engineer podcasts for more than a decade. Software Engineering podcasts give you the latest news and views in a great format that is equally easy to consume too. You can also read the previous parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Here are the 3 podcasts all software engineers should subscribe to now:

Software Engineering podcasts to subscribe to now

Command Line Heroes (from Redhat) by Saron Yitbarek

Command line heroes is a gem of a podcast. The topics are well researched and in-depth. It covers a wide range of topics that are very relevant to all software engineers. I remember listening to the episode about serverless from Season 2. It was a breath of fresh air having comments from Saron, bytes from the archive, and great add-ons by multiple guests including Andrea Passwater.

Software engineering podcast - Command line heroes

This award-winning podcast defines itself as:

Command Line Heroes tells the epic true tales of how developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels are revolutionizing the technology landscape.

Amongst other seasons, my favorite was Season 3. There first episode about Python was simply amazing and enlightening. I was happy to know about the Python programming language’s benevolent dictator for life: Guido van Rossum who created this multipurpose language.

Saron has other podcasts too like Coding Newbie which is great too. Command line heroes’ episodes are not that long but the way the music, commentary, and other things are blended together show the mark of a great podcaster. The starting generally hooks you in to listen to the whole episode.

Developing Up By Mike Miles

Developing up is an amazing software engineering podcast. The good aspect of this podcast is it focused on the non-technical side of our careers. I think having great soft skills is crucial to do a software engineering job well as well as indispensable to climb up the career ladder. I remember the episode pretty well where Mike and Karl talk about public speaking. It was definitely a great one among others.

Developing Up Podcast

Developing up describes itself as:

A podcast focused on the non-technical side of being a developer because your career is about more than the code you write.

With 50 episodes since 2016, listening to this software engineering podcast you will surely learn some needed non-technical skills. Ranging from Pair programming and code reviews to working remotely and imposter syndrome.

The episodes are relatively short and Mike does a great job of asking amazing questions. This brings out insightful and relatable information. I would really recommend you to subscribe to this software engineering podcast.

The SAAS Podcast by Umer Khan

As usual, for the third software engineering podcast, I have something that is more related to the business side fo things. As software engineers, if we understand the domain and why we are doing things this way it makes our work much more meaningful.

One episode I remember pretty well is the chat between Dave and Umer about ClickFunnels. Dave describes the ClickFunnels journey and how it made millions of dollars.

The SAAS podcast Software engineering podcast

The SAAS podcast defines itself as:

Over 250 in-depth interviews with proven SaaS founders and entrepreneurs. Get actionable insights to help you build, grow, and scale your SaaS business

There are many other episodes I like from THE SAAS software engineering podcast, like the one where Krish talks about scaling a SAAS business. Omer does a great job of researching and interviewing the host. The episodes are a bit long but worth the time.


Even though due to no commuting to work for the past ~6 months I have listed to podcasts a lot less. I hope you enjoy listening to the above software engineering podcasts. Happy listening.

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I heard of Command-Line Heroes through an ad on Cortex, it's pretty good. Thanks for this list.