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Looking for a few helping hands!

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So I recently created a website which is a website to help developers with some tools and resources they use daily. I would love to meet a few developers that would like to be part of the project. I want to start off small so we can organize and get a flow going.

I hope to keep it free if possible, as I'm a dad and can't really afford an expensive server fee lol. If you want to contribute (no pay :P) just to be part of it and add your touch to it, then message me!

Thank you!


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A website designed to help developers have the tools and resources they use daily, in one spot to make life a little easier.
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Have you considered building your tools into an IDE plugin/extension? For example, for VS Code using the Extension API?

A few points:

1) You could say, one goal of a tool-maker is to be "readily available", to minimize the gap between a) wanting to use a tool, and b) actually accessing/using it. By being directly in an IDE, you really minimize that gap (for users of that IDE).

2) VS Code is really well thought-out, I'm impressed.

3) Tools can live everywhere. You can do a website and a plugin/extension, etc. Of course its more time/effort.

I would offer to help but I have negligible free time for the foreseeable future!


Hi, I would really like to contribute to the back-end of the site. Let me know if we can connect and discuss about it.


You have to follow me, for us to message each other.


Ok awesome. Give it a look and let me know your thoughts. Just message me on here and we can discuss details.


Hey there, if at any point you need a designer, give me a shout.


I'm open for ideas on improving the UI/UX. If you have suggestions, please let me know!


What stack? I'm looking to learn something new!


The stack is nextjs/react, scss. The backend api will been via nodejs but is not being applied yet.


I’d be keen to lend a hand on the frontend aspect of the site! Let’s chat 😊

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Looking for support!

I am just a lonely developer working on I would love to build a small team who wants to add to it. We would collaborate as a team to add features.

We're always making better.

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