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Hey, dev.to! I'm Gildásio and I've been working with Flutter for a year, as of now! It's been kind of an amazing journey having a way of finally having fun while coding. I first started with Python and Django but mostly focused on mobile development, where I fell in love with Android but wasn't that satisfied with the SDK, which went on for almost three years. Kotlin helped a lot and I still miss some things from there, but mainly not having to wait minutes to see a significant UI change.

I started learning Flutter on March/2018, a little before they announced the alpha, because I wanted to do an iOS app for my graduation project (that was Android-only) but learning the native side wasn't that easy and I kinda got burned out of trying. After getting used to the declarative approach and how everything works differently from the native Android side, I just fell in love with how amazing development work can feel when you feel like you have control over everything you want.

Later in October/2018 I landed my first freelancer job (with Flutter), thanks to an article I made on Medium and been working in two apps as of now.

This is an updated introduction and I'm glad to be here!


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Welcome, can't wait to see your contributions to the community, Gildásio.