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George Ilias
George Ilias

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Fonts across browsers

So many times I have come across with an issue. The problem is that when am writing css and specify the font that I want to use on my site it displays different in Firefox. Im having the issue only with Firefox because all the other browsers are chrome-based. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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Antony Garand

What font it is?

If it’s externally loaded, such as google fonts, it should work cross browser without issues.

If it’s a font family or generic font name, it might be bundled with chrome and not with firefox.

To fix this, you should try loading the font externally, or only provide a font family which is compatible on all browsers and os.

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George Ilias

Ok got it so it's best to load it externally. I thought that font was something simple and never thought that may have compatibility issues. Thank you for helping me!