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GitHub Game Off 🎮 More staff picks, Twitch streams, and get involved in game dev

After last week's super amazing live stream, we decided to do more top staff picks from the GitHub Game Off 2020. Lots of the games played were made in Godot, Unity, and even JavaScript.

Many of this week's games involved puzzle solving and lots had a very apocalyptic outlook on the world. Nonetheless, they were all really fun to play.

Here's some of our staff top picks.

Billy's Rocket

This is the game you'll see in the video header for this post. It's super fun and involves only two controls. Simply (or rather, not simply) balance your rocket and shoot to infinity. The developer for this game became active on GitHub again just for the GitHub Game Off, nice! The game is built in Unity and the creator's motto is A commit a day keeps the doctor away. If that's not incentive enough to commit today then I'm not sure what is.


I like games where the doing is in the title. Moonshot calls you to shoot the moon, literally. It's a puzzle solving game written in JavaScript and pixi.js. Use your problem solving skills to shoot your way through 55 levels of moon.


There's only a few days left until the rocket launches to the moon. It's your job to use your wits and puzzle solving skills to pack all the boxes needed for the journey. Built in Godot, this is a challenging physics-based puzzle game. Can you made sure the rocket is ready to go?



Built in Unity, and very sophisticated. This game supports gamepad and allows you to jump, swing, and fly through space. Collect space junk, destroy the robots, and repair your ship.


It's pool, but in space. The moon is the white ball and you need to shoot all the planets into the blackhole. Be careful though. Unlike normal pool, the blackhole moves and each planet has unique abilities to stop you winning the game. This is another great game written in JavaScript and Phaser.


Okay I promised apocalyptic games and this is one of them. Earth is now uninhabitable and it's your job to use super slime to terraform the Moon. It's a puzzle game to decide the fate of humanity. Take your time and we'll be able to live on the moon. Another game created in Unity.



Okay seriously, what's with all the humanity-dying-out-living-on-the-moon vibes? This is another game where Earth has been destroyed and we now live on the moon. Instead of terraforming the moon, you'll need to rebuild civilisation. It's basically Sim City on the moon! Another Unity creation.



This game is too pretty to sound the end of the world. Instead, jump and navigate your moon safely through the portal. The graphics, artwork, and music are beautiful in this game. Created in Unity; seems like Unity was really popular in 2020!



It definitely sounds like the end of the world with a name like "Moonarchists". Created in Godot, you need to use mini moons to destroy the planets in the solar system. Do you have what it takes?

Lumi and the Dark Night

Neither puzzle solving or apocalyptic, which was a nice change from all the death and destruction in this stream. Although, I did die a lot. This game is a fun, cute, 2D platformer where you need to navigate your way through the dark and find the exit. Again, another game built in Unity.


The creator of GitHub Game Off, Lee Reilly, played this game for HOURS! It's the year 2244 and apparently Cyberpunk is finally released; just in case you were wondering. Playing on the dark theme, the apocalypse is here and mankind destroyed the Earth. At least in our world. There's a multiverse out there of other Earths. Use your puzzle solving skills and some gravity to take the moon from our universe to another. It's a physics based game made in Unity.

Join the conversation and get involved in game dev

Hopefully these games give you some inspiration to get involved in game dev. As we mentioned on the live stream, check out Unity Premium Learn to start learning Unity. There's also JS13kGames to get excited about in August, not to mention the Global Game Jam now running.

Connect with like minded people and chat about the GitHub Game Off on our GitHub Community Forum. Anyone who participates in this thread will earn an exclusive GitHub Game Off Badge. If you missed the stream, you can watch the recording:

Finally, if you enjoyed the stream and you want to see more, come join us next week. We'll be walking through how to use the GitHub API to integrate with Twitch. It's going to be exciting. See you there.

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