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Learn how JavaScript advances DateTime with proposal-temporal

There comes a time in every developer's life where they need to parse a string representation of a date. I had the pleasure of talking with Maggie Pint about a new feature currently in stage 2 with the tc39 committee, temporals.

Learn how to contribute to the next version of JavaScript first issue.

This proposal allows a JavaScript programmer the ability to write code for finding out the current timezone difference between their's and another time zone.

const { Temporal } = require('proposal-temporal')

let londonTz = Temporal.TimeZone.from('Asia/Shanghai');

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A complete polyfill can be found here. Feel to test it out today and experiment with the polyfill, but keep in mind it is not production ready yet.

GitHub logo tc39 / proposal-temporal

Provides standard objects and functions for working with dates and times.


Provides standard objects and functions for working with dates and times.


This proposal is currently Stage 3 and was reviewed for Stage 3 by Richard Gibson, Bradley Farias, and Daniel Ehrenberg.

NOTE: Although this proposal's API is not expected to change, implementers of this proposal MUST NOT ship unflagged Temporal implementations until IETF standardizes timezone/calendar string serialization formats. See #1450 for updates.

This proposal is now in the hands of ECMAScript engine implementers, so the bar for making API changes is extremely high Nonetheless, changes may occur as the result of feedback from implementation in JS engines Editorial changes to the spec and bug fixes to the spec, tests, and docs are also ongoing, as is customary for Stage 3 proposals Additional tests and documentation content are also being added during Stage 3.


I share only one feature from the proposal, I encourage you to read more info in the spec and test it out today in consoles.

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