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Next level repository management with Octoherd

I recently sat down with Gregor, maintainer of the JavaScript flavor of Octokit, to talk about managing multiple repositories as a maintainer. The management of multiple repositories in an organization can become time-consuming and Gregor shared project, Octoherd as a way to script updates across multiple repositories.

GitHub logo octoherd / cli

CLI to run a octoherd scripts on one or multiple repositories

Octoherd CLI

CLI to run a custom script on one or multiple repositories


Usage: octoherd run -S path/to/script.js [options]
      --help                      Show help                                            [boolean]
  -S, --octoherd-script           Path to *.js script. Must be an ES Module. [string] [required]
  -T, --octoherd-token            Requires the "public_repo" scope for public repositories, "rep
                                  o" scope for private repositories. Creates an OAuth token if n
                                  ot set.                                               [string]
  -R, --octoherd-repos            One or multiple repositories in the form of 'repo-owner/repo-n
                                  ame'. 'repo-owner/*' will find all repositories for one owner.
                                   '*' will find all repositories the user has access to.
                                  To exclude a repository use '!repo-owner/repo'. Will prompt
                                  for repositories if not set.                           [array]
      --octoherd-cache            Cache responses for debugging. Creates a ./cache folder if fla
                                  g is set. Override by passing custom path             [string]
      --octoherd-debug            Show debug logs                     [boolean] [default: false]
      --octoherd-bypass-confirms  Bypass prompts to confirm mutating requests
                                                                      [boolean] [default: false]
      --octoherd-base-url         When using with GitHub Enterprise Server,

In our example, Gregor manages to updates the branch protection rules for multiple repositories using one script.

git clone
npx @octoherd/cli \
  --octoherd-token 0123456789012345678901234567890123456789 \
  scripts/sync-branch-protections/script.js \
  --template "octoherd/cli"
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If you have ideas for scripts that would help you manage common tasks across GitHub repositories that you would like to automate, considering dropping them in the octoherd/scripts issues.

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