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Sharing excess food with OSS and React

Last week's Open Source Friday featured Ryan McHenry from Sharing Excess project. Sharing Excess, a non profit based in West Philly, and working on converting the surplus (5 million pounds) food that is often thrown out or goes to waste in one way or another and delivering that to local nonprofits and food pantries.

They are approaching this problem in a unique way using open source using React to managing the operations in a PWA.

The non-profit ecosystem in the USA is a $390 billion (based on 2016 numbers), but despite number operations and technical help can be lacking in the web interactions.

If you are interested in joining the cause through open source contributions, consider reaching out and checking out their issues and discord.

GitHub logo sharingexcess / food_rescue_app

Sharing Excess Food Rescue Web Application

Sharing Excess Food Rescue App

Welcome to the Food Rescue App! This project is managed by Sharing Excess, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia, PA. The FRA is a Progressive Web App, built as a single web codebase to run in any browser, or installed as a "native" app on both iOS and Android.

We use this app to coordinate, track and measure food rescue work across the country, picking up surplus food from food businesses and redistributing it to local nonprofits and mutual aid groups. To read more on SE, feel free to visit our about page.

The app is hosted at, with a testing environment also live at

Tech Stack 🤖

The FRA includes two apps within the repo.

Client: We use React.js initialized with Create React App in the frontend subdirectory for a single page app (SPA) frontend…

If you are looking for a list of more projects looking for contribution, check out our Open Source Friday repo recommendations.

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Rizèl Scarlett

Sharing Excess is one of my favorite projects. Great recap, Brian! If anyone has questions about contributing to Sharing Excess, I'm happy to answer or lead you to the right people.

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