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This is the Way • GitHub Universe 2020 is here

I'm super pumped for one of the biggest developer events of the year. Usually around this time, we'd all be in San Francisco, in some giant warehouse about to experience GitHub Universe. But it's a little different this year being virtual, like many events.

But it's going to be fun, and it all starts next week!

Just because GitHub Universe isn't in person, doesn't mean it's going to be any less fun. There will be all the usual talks, announcements, and entertainment. One thing that lacks with digital conferences is the interaction and engagement you get from being at a real event. GitHub has done its best to ensure you still get the best engagement possible.

Build and share your schedule

One of the coolest things you can do at GitHub Universe is build you own schedule. There's something for everyone, not just developers. Our four unique tracks - Developer, Enterprise, Univers(ity), and Play - ensure there's content to suit every person. You can filter the schedule by tracks, topics, level (beginner to advanced), and even session type (ie. panel, tutorial, performance etc.).


You can even share you schedule straight to socials or post it around to your colleagues. That way you can all tune into the same sessions.

Ask questions and engage

Being physically at a conference means you can ask questions and engage with the speakers. Well, we've made that possible too!

With GitHub Discussions you can ask questions from the speakers and chat with other attendees. Each of the speakers will be hanging out in the Discussions after their session just to chill and answer questions... like they would in real life!

Get the SWAG

It wouldn't be a conference (or any GitHub event) without the SWAG. Just like GitHub Universe IRL, you can get your limited edition GitHub Universe SWAG. Head to our SWAG store to pick up a Universe tshirt or hoodie. The best part? All the proceeds will be donated to Institute of Social Opportunity, Hack The Hood, and The Talent Tap.


And if that wasn't enough, you can also get custom Octocat SWAG. If you've been to GitHub Universe IRL, then you'll remember our custom printed Octocats. Attendees can make their own Octocat and have it printed as a sticker.

Well, we've upped the game this year. Not only can you customise and order a sticker, you can also order your Octocat on a mug or a tshirt. Keep an eye on the GitHub Universe website as this will go live on Day 1 of Universe.


There's also some digital SWAG to add colour to your desktop wallpapers or virtual backgrounds.

Universe 2020

Well that's some of the exciting stuff happening. Don't forget to tune into GitHub Universe on both PT and APAC time zones. There's lots of really cool announcements coming and we can't wait to share them with you all. What are you excited about?

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