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What were your favourite GitHub Universe moments? Here's mine

GitHub Universe is now finished. What were your favourite moments? If you missed our post on all things Universe, check it out.

If you haven't already, read all the cool announcements we made, and let us know your favourites. We had our APAC Watch parties and we loved all the things we saw.

Here's my top announcements, as well as a few other awesome moments from GitHub Universe.


I love the fact anyone can open Codespaces on their computer, laptop, iPad, phone, even a Tesla, and deploy fixes. I can do this anytime, anywhere in the world (as long as I have an internet connection). All my dependencies are added, and I can still use my VS Code settings. This has been a game changer for our team who works all over the world.


GitHub Copilot has been an incredible asset in my coding journey. Copilot makes suggestions to my code on what I should include next, and even helps me write whole functions. It's super useful when starting out, or, if you're like me, and still learning along the way.

New GitHub Issues

We've been using the new GitHub Issues for a while and they have been amazing. It's been great using the new project boards and tables, and being able to convert tasks to Issues. We've been tracking project ideas and building lists of things we might like to do in future. Once we're ready to put a list item into action, we convert it into an Issue and we're off planning.

It's definitely a game changer for project planning!

GitHub Discussions

Discussions are a loved feature among the community. Maintainers use them to connect to their contributors, and many others use Discussions to collect ideas. The new features added to Discussions such as labels and announcements is something we've been using on a number of our repos. I can't wait until polls are implemented!


There's never a GitHub Universe without announcing several changes to help make all our lives easier. The new table of contents to help navigate markdown files makes my life a whole lot better. I'm always looking at READMEs, and being able to navigate them easily is so useful.

Being able to copy large pieces of code is perfect when looking through tutorials. And navigating the GitHub web got a whole lot easier with the Command Palette. I'll be pressing CTRL+K (yes I use Windows) all the time now!

Other Goodies from Universe

It wouldn't be a GitHub Universe without a few other goodies. Whilst these aren't major feature announcements, these are all amazing things happening in the developer community and relevant to developers. Here's my favourites.


This What is DevOps video by Emily Freeman is epic! There's a lot of Easter eggs in this one, plus quirky analogies. This video (shown on Day 2 of Universe) certainly gave us a lot of laughs.

It Depends

One of our GitHub Stars, Cassidy Williams, did an awesome video for Universe. She went back in time and spoke to her younger self. The catch, "it depends". Sadly (or luckily), most things in life 'depend' on something else. This funny and loveable interaction had us all laughing, and resonating!

Fun fact, this one was filmed in one of the meeting rooms at GitHub. Yes, this is an actual room which exists... for meetings!

DJs and coding

At our last two Universe events, we've been lucky enough to have live performances from some DJ-coding extraordinaires. This year was no different. We had some amazing music produced for all our entertainment. Check out one of these awesome sets by DJ Dave.

GitHub Universe

You'll find plenty more videos, cuts, and the full Universe live streams on our GitHub YouTube channel. There are more being added, so make sure you like and subscribe so you don't miss out.

What was your favourite Universe moment or feature announcement?

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