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GitLive adds support for more branching strategies including GitFlow

You can now specify which branches are not feature branches and deserve special treatment in GitLive, adding support for branching strategies with multiple special branches such as GitFlow with its master, develop and release branches.

After installing GitLive for VS Code or JetBrains, the GitLive sidebar will appear in your IDE, listing all the authors and their branches ahead of your current branch.

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Special branches, like the default branch, will show at the top of the tree, instead of under the author of the last commit to the branch.

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You can specify multiple special branches using a regular expression in GitLive’s settings:

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The default expression is as follows and should cater to the vast majority of branching strategies out there but feel free to customize the expression for your own setup.


For example, you could remove the |release[-/].* if you still wanted release branches to appear under the author, or if your team always creates feature branches prefixed feature/ you could simplify the expression to the following:


Finally, it’s worth remembering that the repository view only shows branches that are active (ahead of your current branch) no matter what expression you have specified for special branches.

💡 Note for regex ninjas: Your expression is implicitly surrounded by ^ and $ so it needs to match the complete branch name.

That's it for now, thanks for reading and let us know what you think in the comments!

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