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Creating a GitHub README Profile

GitHub recently released a feature that lets you introduce yourself to the GitHub community, using more visual contents such as pictures, GIFs, links, and everything else you can add to a normal README file, because it is markdown, which means you control the display of the document.

Now, there is a chance to give visitors a broad snapshot of who we are, as we highlight our skills and projects.

I will show you how to unlock this feature, and also share interesting use cases by users around the world.

To unlock this feature…

Create a new repository using the exact name as your GitHub username. For instance, my username is giwajossy, so the new repository had to be giwajossy.

Alt Text
Note: The naming is case-sensitive – at the time of this writing. Also, repositories are public by default, if you make it private, it won’t work.

Alt Text
Repository successfully created!

Alt Text
So I designed a banner, and placed it atop my new bio. Nothing too fancy!

Some Interesting use cases by other GitHub users

Thanks for reading!

Hope you find this helpful.

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