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Glenn Carremans
Glenn Carremans

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I'm Glenn, and I support women devs.

I find it a real shame that women are still treated differently in the tech sector (or in any sector). There have been more than enough women in our history that proved that this masculinity is useless.
I made a blog post about a couple of them last year but there are a lot more that should be mentioned:

We work in a creative sector where we as developers and designers need to solve lots of problems, technical, UX or others, and by bundeling lots of different people together you can get different solutions that you might not have thought about yourself.

At our office we already had a pretty much all female design team and recently I noticed that we are getting more young female developers. I love this movement and hope to see many more female developers join our different teams.

I will never judge someone based on their gender, race, age, ... In my opinion you can only judge someone on their work and even then you should give feedback and point out what could have been done better. Or you should get to know them first on a more personal level before you make an opinion.

One of my favourite devs is @marinamosti ! She is an excellent writer and I especially enjoyed her beginners series about Vue:

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