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There’s a killer new guide to building for Mastodon and the Fediverse…

Hello and happy March, the month that weather folklore tells us “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.” I imagine for those of you students reading this, the lion is midterms and the lamb is spring break. Anyway, Glitch won a DEVIES Award last month!

Also last month, we made a number of updates to our starters:

  • Eleventy starters have been updated to 2.0.0. By the way, congrats to them on 5 million downloads!
  • We’ve made our Website starter simpler in a number of ways. Other exciting community news is that Mastodon has joined Fastly’s Fast Forward program. We’re proud to be able to support them through this era of massive growth for them, just as we are proud to be able to support all of you trying to build a better web.

See you on!
Jenn, Director of Community 👽

P.S. Did you know we have a Fastly blog too? Follow us there for more developer blogs and let us know what you’re building and blogging! Speaking of blogging…

Screenshot of a VR scene of a beachside cityscape

On the blogs ✍️

In case you missed it on the Glitch Blog...

  • Here’s the latest issue of Last Month on Glitch, featuring clouds, machine learning pianos, outer space experiences, and more.
  • Want to get started with building on the Fediverse, or just looking at apps to help you navigate Mastodon? We wrote this guide to all the apps and playlists that the Glitch community has built - let us know if you have something for us to add!

Here are some blog posts from the community that we loved!

Have you written about your Glitch apps on a blog, a conference talk…anywhere! Let us know and we’ll feature it in the next newsletter!

stock image of two people on their computers and a screenshot of the Glitch forum is pasted above one of the screens

On the forum 📣

Check out what the Glitch community is sharing and discussing:

The Glitch Community Forum is the best way to ask the community for help, share what you’re making, exchange friendly banter and get to know your fellow friendly Glitch creators. See you there! 😎

Glitch Pro gem

Haven’t gone Pro yet? New subscribers can sign up for Glitch Pro with the code DEV2MARCH and get 25% off. You’ll get 100% of the superpowers Glitch Pro gives you – like project access controls, always-on apps, and more – setting you up for success with your New Years coding goals!

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