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Faith Mueni Kilonzi
Faith Mueni Kilonzi

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Nevertheless, Faith Kilonzi Coded


Equality in Tech

I envision a tech industry where everybody is treated equally regardless of their gender. I would like to see everyone being given equal chances and paid what they are worth.
More specifically, I would like to see ZERO gender discrimination which usually comes off as:

  • Negative or sexist jokes being passed in the workplace
  • Less support for women from their senior leaders than a man who was doing the same job
  • Women in tech jobs are being paid less than a man doing the same job
  • Someone treating a women in tech as if they are not competent because of their gender
  • The gender biases in recruitment processes and the assumption that women are not technical enough

My expertise

I am passionate about problem-solving through implementation of high-quality software products especially back-end and web-applications using a variety of programming languages and technologies.I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ashesi University. I have experience working in academia, fin-tech, healthcare, research, technology and consultancy industries both in Kenya and Ghana.
Driven by intellectual curiosity, I combine my passion for tutoring,software development, data science and technical writing to create digital content through my online blog. I am also fascinated by community development through problem-solving to make the world a better place.

My advice

Alt Text

"There is a danger in letting people misname you; if you are a fire, do not answer when they call you a spark"
-Upile Chisala

Dear codess, give up the self-doubt, show up and do what you do best. It is time! Happy international Women's Day!

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